2017 Delaware Opiate Action Plan - FINAL

Opiate Hub Appreciation Week/Month Activities – April/May 2018

As part of Appreciation Week in collaboration with the Opiate Hub Committee Delaware-Morrow Mental Health & Recovery Services Board completed the following activities: in-person thank you drops that included coffee and donuts for first responders. We dropped off goodie packs for over 350 staff members; 15 different locations for over 50 different remote offices; over 250 jump drives that had three encouraging short presentations for first responders; professionally designed and printed letters and 500 thank you postcards. Additionally, as a continuation of our appreciation for providers we are hosting a film screening, Written Off, on May 18th for all parties we delivered to plus the public. The documentary shares the story of what addicts, families and first responders experience due to the opiate epidemic. Our goal in these activities is to thank and show appreciation to those who are doing the very difficult front-line work because of opioids and to raise general awareness and educate community members. We are partnering with three other community agencies to host the screening including: Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, Delaware City Police Department, and the Delaware General Health District.