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If you need immediate help, call 211 or (800) 684-2324.

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month
Suicide prevention is a significant focus for our community. Separate myths from facts and learn more about community resources.
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Dani Adkin's Story
In 2003, Danielle (Dani) Adkins had a routine surgical procedure. What transpired for the next 8-10 years was anything but routine.
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Children's Mental Health Quiz
Just how outrageous are the roadblocks to children's mental health care?
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News & Events

Fourth Annual Suicide Prevention Walk
Join us for a one-mile walk through historic downtown Delaware to raise awareness about suicide.
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Community Education & Prevention Partnership Grants
Applications are now available for the Community Education & Prevention Partnership Grants
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Science News » Schizophrenia’s Genetic “Skyline” Rising
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Electronic screening tool to triage teenagers and risk of substance misuse
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